Sunday, January 9, 2011

PT. Bina Karya Prima

Since we, Bina Karya Prima (BKP), began the business in 1981, we have been managing to reinforce strong position in fully integrated palm oil business and always to continue its relentless effort in exploring new export market.

Now, we have fully engaged in the refining and downstream processing of crude palm oil (CPO)
and developed into three operations i.e.: palm oil refining & fractionation, fat ,and soap manufacturing.

Our success has been secured through the expertise and experience of our people and the excellent cooperation with our business partners, all of which has provided a firm basis for sustainable amazing growth of BKP and our business partners.

To stay ahead in competition, we will always forge ahead towards long term objective which are reinforcing our reputation and delivering the highest product quality and customers' service satisfaction.



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